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Users are busy and “clicks”, well… it requires immediate action. “Click now!”, “Act now!” or “Buy now”. And for those busy users, “now” is not always a good time. As an advertiser or a publisher, you must focus on those who were interested, but couldn’t respond. Think about those visitors who didn’t place an order or haven’t read an item, simply because they ere busy. That’s it.  

Finally you can give your target audience an option to respond at a more convenient time. Your engaged visitors can now use LATER to schedule their response. LATER will allow them to activate an appealing offer or explore relevant content exactly when they want, or simply can. 


What’s LATER for advertisers and publishers?

LATER is a new widget that optimizes timing. It allows your visitors to quickly engage, save and schedule call-to-action(s) or any kind of web content to a more convenient time.

LATER was designed for internet users in order to create better user experience for all kinds of online promotions and web content, including landing pages.  

As a tool for advertisers and publishers LATER aims to generate additional user engagement and turn bounced visits into quality leads, sales and prolonged conversions.


LATER is easy to implement 


Yes, it doesn’t take a lot. LATER is a simple div and script. You can control placement, features and URL for the reminder. Want to know more? Fill the form and we’ll get back to you.  

In case you haven’t decided yet, we’d like to remind you that this is a limited time offer. It’s also completely free, now. 


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