Landing page optimization is by far the biggest sin in online sales & marketing

Landing pages are constantly being built, published, advertised and… analyzed for conversion rates. Optimization is usually not in the path. In the next few paragraphs I will try to cover the top reasons for landing page bounce out and explain the importance of optimizing landing pages. If you have a web site, any kind of website, you want your visitors to stay and preferably engage. In order to achieve that, you have to learn the first rule of websites.

All pages are landing pages!

People do not arrive at your front page and go from there. Although front pages usually get the most attention and look the best, it’s not always your visitors first stop. It’s very important to understand that you portrait your atmosphere & convey your message on each and every page. More importantly, you need to give your visitor a clear opportunity to engage on every page. Look at every page as the beginning of the experience on your website. Now, that we got this out of the way, let’s look at pages that were designated to be landing pages. This is usually defined by the fact that you are actually running an advertising campaign of sorts that directs visitors to these pages. These are a little more important as they are no just sitting there. You are spending money on them and you expect an ROI. You expect a Return On your Investment in these pages, which is, a lot of times, not the case. So let’s understand what causes landing page abandonment or as some would prefer to call it, bounce out.

Landing page bounce out – top reasons

The obvious

  1. Slow pages – if your landing page is slow, people are simply going to quit before you even get a chance to pitch them your message. No matter how good the page actually is, if it’s too slow, you’re loosing money. Same goes for pages that are quick to load but then a slow loading visualization is boring your audience to death. Surfers don’t get bored, they get away… on to the next thing.
  2. Unclear message – I love landing on one of those, “don’t call us, we’ll call you” landing pages. If you don’t give me a very compelling reason, I will not give you my phone number. If it’s not clear to me that; A. You are legit, B. You indeed have a real offer, C. The offer is of value to me, I am not leaving you any detail… If A, B & C are not there, neither are your visitors.
  3. Uncomfortable feeling – sometime we over sell. Yes, that happens in landing pages too. Multiple bright colors will catch the attention, however they will not give you a comfortable feeling. People want to feel comfortable. They just came from a search engine or a banner. A search engine is very clean Black, Blue, Green on white. Your Banner is what you made it out to be. If the landing page is a contrast, people will get uncomfortable… “did I click the right one?” – Boom! bounce out!
    This usually also manages to hide your call to action. If that is not clear, then no action taken.
  4. Insufficient information – yes, I read the banner or the ad before I clicked on it. If you have nothing new to tell me, why did you bring me here? Hiding information usually stand for no scam. Providing additional interesting information will keep visitors on your page. The information should be brief and should build the point on why one should act on your offer.
  5. No way out – some people take longer to convince than others. Your landing page must absolutely be part of your website with ways out, for more information, and preferably an easy way back in.
  6. Too many fields to fill – last but not least, in the long list of information fields you expect the customer to fill. Will you email & call him? at the same time? Why do you need his birthday? Is an I’m over 18 check-box not enough? The more fields the greater the bounce rate!

The not so obvious

  1. The wrong audience – there is always the wrong audience. Although ad serving is constantly getting better, we are still seeing a lot of mismatching in ads & banners. Thus, you will always get some of the wrong audience. Nothing much to do here except constantly tune your campaign to filter out the wrong audience. In other words, try not to pay for what you don’t need.
  2. The wrong time – people are curious. They see ads about cars, gadgets, vacations and many more and they take a peek. So now your visitor might be the right audience. He might buy this car, get this insurance or take this vacation, but not now. He just got a new car, his insurance renews in 9 months and the vacation budget is next year. This also covers the problem where your visitor in not the decision maker. Later described below is what we came up with for improving your landing page conversions.

Later will land you more conversions

The LATER landing component was designed to deal with many aspects of why people abandon landing pages. The main ones are wrong timing, not the decision maker, too many fields to fill and making every page a landing page.

Later allows your visitor to send the page to himself or his friends via email or text message, put it in his calendar, bookmark it, share on social media and other option. Most of the options can be scheduled, as in, email me in 3 weeks. You can easily place later on every page on your website and have people return to it later.



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